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Like many others I have been an enthusiastic user of the Delicious social bookmarking service for several years. At the time of writing I have 1085 bookmarks, but at my bookmark cleaning at the start of this year I cleared out over 400 bookmarks. Thus it would seem I accumulate about 500 bookmarks each year.

I divide my Delicious bookmark collection using individual tags or tag bundles into smaller bookmark caches. In my case each cache is used for a research project, working group, publication (paper, presentation, report) or student class. Others will create caches for consultancies, company and client communication and so on. Each bookmark cache has its own, unchanging URL that can be shared with others such as colleagues, clients, customers, students – hence social bookmarking. A bookmark cache also evolves over time, growing or shrinking as bookmarks come and go.

Efficient use of Delicious is made possible by a Firefox add-on and an IE extension, both produced by the Delicious team. These bolt on browser tools capture the URL and the page title but most importantly make it easy to add a descriptive note and the vital cache tags to each bookmark. Notes and tags with a bookmark make the whole bookmark collection reusable, shareable and valuable.

Assuming you are positioned on a newly discovered page to be added to one of your caches then in matter of seconds you can:

  1. Select a sentence of two from the page to become the bookmark note
  2. Click the Tag button provided by the Delicious browser tool
  3. From the tag list generated from your tags and popular tags click on the tags that define your cache
  4. Click the Save button to store the bookmark on Delicious

Here is how this process appears on an example found today:


This process works only if a page/site summary appears on the page. I shout out to all page authors:

Always have a line or two of text summary for your site or page near the top of the home page to make it ultra-convenient for the Delicious browser tools.

The key here is selectable text – so many sites have their summaries as graphic images which is fatal.

Bookmark cache creation and evolution is thus exceedingly simple, but making use of the caches contents is where the benefit lies. Here the tools come to the rescue again by providing a sidebar to access the caches quickly and return to pages in question. The actions are:

  1. Click the Bookmarks button to show the sidebar
  2. Scroll to the cache, expanding the cache subset (extra tag) if necessary to bring up the bookmarks
  3. Click on the required bookmark to retrieve the page


Delicious bookmark caches make the management of bookmarks extremely convenient and I have yet to come across a superior social media tool for this. I know Delicious is in the top 5 of tools I couldn’t live without.


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