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As as strong adherent of working in the cloud (10 cloud apps and list of cloud apps) I need my browser home page to give me instant access to my preferred cloud apps. Over the last year or two I have experimented with some of my own web apps. I started with my own DotWikIEWeb tool which is an ultra lightweight wiki allowing quick in-place editing of parts of a page called i-grains. The screen fragment to the left shows the links in part of the my home page. Hovering over an i-grain such as WebTwoOServices reveals an edit menu to allow the i-grain contents including the links to be switched to editing mode as seen on the right. The Close menu saves the changes in memory and the Save All menu on the left saves the wiki page.

dwwlinkshome dwwlinkshomeedit

This worked well but could only be used with IE since DotWikIEWeb uses the built-in IE HTML editing component not available in other browsers. As I became a Firefox user another solution was needed.

Teaching an ASP.NET class at the time I then knocked up a DotLinx site to hold a simple list of key links in alpha order. ASP.NET is browser neutral so works automatically with Firefox and IE. Each link is preceded by an ‘@’ link which when clicked allows editing of the link, deletion and insertion of new links. Again it is normal use on the left and editing on the right. DotLinx uses an XML file as a simple database.

dotlinx ditlinxedit

For a dead set simple layout (not my best UI design ever) and trivial implementation this worked well for a while until I started using Delicious social bookmarking heavily. In a previous post I extolled the virtues of bookmark caches as just one of the many useful features of the Delicious social bookmark service. Ease of use was well in advance of my own DotLinx web app so it seemed sensible to put Delicious to work as my home page of links. This is described in another post.


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