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In a previous post I mentioned me need to have a home page of important links to the cloud apps I use heavily on a regular basis. Managing this home page of bookmarks needs to be as efficient and convenient as possible. I decided to use the simple but effective techniques of Delicious bookmark caches for my main home page.

My bookmark collection on Delicious is public in order to leverage the full social sharing capabilities. For my home page I mark my bookmarks as private so as not to pollute my other bookmarks and because some personal cache bookmarks need authentication. This choice is entirely optional. I then chose to structure my bookmarks at two levels, the main list linking to a series of secondary lists. I use the tag mjr (my initials) for the top level list of bookmarks and I set my browser home page to which currently looks like:


I chose a unique tag to act as as the key for bookmarks at the secondary level. For historical reasons I use mjrkeya but any meaningful tag will do. Each secondary bookmark uses this tag plus one other tag to signify the category such as cloudtool for my Cloud Tool List category. Thus is the URL for my list of cloud tools. I can use the Delicious browser tool to add a new bookmark into my caches very easily:

  1. Acquire the link by positioning the browser at the page or using the right-click context menu item Bookmark this link in Delicious
  2. In the Edit Bookmark dialog mark the link as Private
  3. Enter the tags mjrkeya and the secondary category


Once the secondary level bookmarks are entered then the top level list can be created. For example the Cloud Tools List bookmark is:


An example of the Cloud Tool List at the secondary level is:


After some experimentation to keep the vertical spacing of these bookmarks to a minimum I add several formatting options for my Delicious Home Page in my browser. My current URL reduces each bookmark to 1 line, paginates 25 bookmarks at a time, and sorts them in alpha order:

This is difficult to remember when setting up a new browser so it is stored in a private bookmark

Only one problem remains. When viewing a second level list how do you quickly return to the top level? Answer, create a tag bundle and add the necessary bookmark for the top level One click on the mjr tag takes me back home. Tag bundles appear on the right of Delicious pages:


Note that every Delicious bookmark in the various lists has an Edit and Delete button which allows very quick, in-context editing to change title, URL and tags. Managing these two levels of caching is very, very easy.

I have been using these techniques for about a year and am extremely happy. Very minor gripes include the somewhat slow response for Delicious pages in Australia and the need to re-login to my account every 10 days or so. I recommend this approach to everyone.


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