Online Social Media Seminar on Nowism

Being at a social time, 11 am on a Saturday, I joined the latest online social media seminar from George Siemens and Dave Cormier who talked about the theme of nowism, which is essentially various forms of the realtime web. A paper on the nowism trend contains this exercise scenario that took my fancy:


The seminar audience topped out at about 85 from all over the world in many different time zones. The seminar series Ning site gives more details and links to the recordings of these seminars. Detailed notes are also available for this particular seminar via a public Google Docs link.

Of course Google Wave figured prominently but many in the audience had not yet experienced it. A good example given by George on how invaluable Wave might be is the development of a new curriculum for a course over, say, 3 months with a small team of 5 or so. Imagine how many emails would be needed over that timescale, probably over a hundred. Instead a single, shared Wave document would exist, no doubt highly threaded. Using the Play button the actual development of the document through time would be visible showing exactly how each part of the curriculum was derived. Wave is so much better provided we all learn to use it sensibly.

Other examples of realtime web and synchronised collaboration were discussed briefly. Google Social Search (see notes) also rated a mention. Mercifully mention of Second Life was short, with the consensus being that current virtual-worlds-without-a-purpose had been tried and found wanting in large part because of the huge up-front preparation time and effort that is needed.

All in all it was a most enjoyable hour with lots of electronic resources to follow up which are of use in the general education 2.0 space.


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