The Changing Web Link Resources Battle

I still believe that my blog is my public persona mothership and should not be neglected for other, lesser social media tools. Nonetheless as a quick look at the archive for this blog will show my public utterings are gradually migrating to the Twitters, Facebooks and Friendfeeds of the world.

Now that marking is almost done and the examiners’ meeting only two days away I am going to take a leaf out of George Siemens’s elearnspace blog. He concentrates on short, to-the-point, one-topic supertweets as blog posts, usually quoting a resource and giving his own opinion. This is my first attempt.

I have always been somewhat sceptical of the effectiveness of SEO on which huge sums are spent, especially in the general Google-like search space. We can be sure that recommendations via social networks and associated tools are becoming increasingly important. I know in my own case that Twitter recommendations for example have heavily influenced my buying of software and gadgets in the last year. It is good to see this trend confirmed by a post in the blog in their predictions for 2010 when talking about recommendation sources:


It seems the generals search engines as waking up to this trend by including social search results but these are early days. The SEO term too needs to change to reflect this and I don’t see a generally agreed phrase in place as yet.


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