Rise and Rise of SharePoint as an LMS

I’ve been a SharePoint user and supporter for 10 years ever since the days of the SharePoint Team Services add-on layer to IIS. I’ve used SharePoint over the years for teaching, research project management and administrative work groups. Apart from the obvious shared document management with alerting I’ve exploited SharePoint features like site hierarchies, news and announcements, custom lists, forums, wikis and simple blogging. A couple of my writings on SharePoint show it has many features of a learning management system (LMS) but falls short on the dedicated assessment management front:

I helped select the LMS for my institution in 2005, but despite my support for SharePoint we inevitably selected Blackboard, which had been adequate but closed, inflexible, irritating and tied to old Web 2.0 technology.

Open-source Moodle has been gaining ground which is good to see but to my surprise and delight good old SharePoint has also been making significant progress in the HEI LMS sector according to James Lappin in his post from his Thinking Records blog. James gives us a useful summary of the report from the study by Northumbria University into the use of SharePoint in UK HEIs.

I say roll on SharePoint and I can’t wait to try the 2010 version!

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