Create Your Own Podcast With Huffduffer

Like others I often come across occasional discussions, interviews and the like online which would be convenient to listen to on my iPhone with all my other podcasts. While download and persuading the audio file on to the iPhone is not difficult we all know that iTunes is the best way to go. So my ears pricked up when listening to episode 21 of This Week in Google from the TWIT stable to learn Huffduffer is a way to create your own podcast channel on iTunes.

I quickly signed up for the free service and created my own podcast channel. There are plenty of examples of audio file links on the Huffduffer site with associated Huffduff It! buttons. More usefully there is a Firefox add-on which adds any audio file link to your Huffduffer podcast. From your own Huffduffer page the Subscribe to iTunes link will add that Huffduffer audio collection as a subscribed podcast on your own iTunes.

Even though it creates another information silo, in the few days I have been using it Huffduffer is a great way to collect links to ad hoc audio files I come across on the net.


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