Cocooned in the Kindleverse

With the coming of my Kindle I was impressed and had to tweet it to my socialsphere:

27-12-2009 SNAG-00

Probably the biggest surprise was how the 3G wireless just worked out of the box without any setting on my part. As anticipated the Kindle hasn’t taken over my life but I have used it every day.

Of course I have been scouring the web for free e-books as well as the paid one from the Amazon store. Sadly the recent, otherwise excellent e-book downloads from my public library are not Kindle compatible. While PDFs can now be read on the Kindle the font size can’t be changed. I am proud to say I am staying pure and not being tempted by the Unswindle app that purports to break the Kindle DRM.

It also didn’t take long to be absorbed further into the Kindleverse with the download of the Kindle apps for the iPhone and PC. As everyone observes in a wow moment the e-books known on the three platforms Kindle, iPhone and PC sync with each other. So you can read a few pages on the Kindle, switch to the iPhone and continue reading where you left off. Neat.

I’m itching to know how other Aussies are going with their Kindles. For example there are no local newspapers to subscribe to yet and a seemingly high proportion of Kindle editions on Amazon are explicitly unavailable here.


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