Google Wave Definition from a Futurist

In a typically erudite look at the future evolution of technology Mark Pesce in an SMH article gives us his take on Google Wave:

Wave is a combination of things you might already be familiar with: instant messaging, collaborative authoring and a social network.

Put together they yield something greater than the sum of the parts: imagine a teacher working with a classroom on an assignment over a period of days, with students and teacher checking in and out of an evolving conversation.

Or a project team, geographically distributed, all working together on a single document. Or a family affair, with various members coming into the thread of the conversation as time and circumstances allow.

All of this is possible – and easy – with Google Wave

I fully agree with Mark here but we are finding a typical solution-before-problem situation with Google Wave. That what Mark indicates is possible with Wave applications is not immediately obvious when new users first see Wave. We have a lot of Wave educating to do. My one experiment using Google Wave as a backchannel at a conference of educational technologists failed miserably. This won’t stop me pressing on with persuading others to collaborate with Wave.

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