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I believe it is time for shortening and simplifying my social media activities generally so one small step towards this aim is to shorten the title of this blog to Scholarcast. However I still cannot bring myself to shorten the subtitle which went through many versions back when this blog was started in January 2006.

About 5 years ago I was a member of the committee at my place of work who decided to adopt Blackboard as a learning management system (yes, painful memories now). This despite being at the time and as now a fan of SharePoint. There was a naming competition for the LMS and my suggestion was Scholarcast but the winner was iLearn as it remains today. Back in 2005 their was little use of scholarcast except in occasional URLs so I adopted it for my blog title adding Impressions as an allusion to the WordPress blogging engine I used.

Initially I hosted WordPress myself but found the constant updates and malfunctioning plugins really frustrating and time consuming. So three years ago I jumped through the one-off pain barrier of transferring my blog to – all the images and uploaded documents had to transferred by hand even though the auto-import mechanism brings across the text and metadata of the posts very easily. All the systems admin pain is gone with a much smaller level of frustration. The latter is still present because of the draconian banning of embedded objects such as some videos/podcasts/widgets using the <object> tag and scripting. How is it that other free services like Google Sites and PBworks, for example, don’t have these restrictions?

Doing a quick search for scholarcast at the time of writing this post I find that scholarcast is now in use elsewhere, the podcasters at University College Dublin being a prime example. However I feel confident in being one of the very first to use the term scholarcast and I am happy to use it for my blog.


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