Learning Equals Work Equals Learning

I was looking through the slides of the remote keynote given by Jay Cross to the 3rd Global Learning Summit in Singapore entitled Working Smarter with Collaborative Intelligence. Most slides resonated but one in particular:

5-03-2010 SNAG-00

This is the concept that in this era we have to continuously learn while undertaking our normal work activities. It seems a good number of my colleagues regard work and training/learning as completely separate. For years I have been mentioning the work equals learning concept and not often making progress. My own estimate has always been that at least 15% of my work time needs to be spent simply keeping current in my teaching area of information technology. This percentage is steadily rising and now I have a graphic I can use to make my point. Thanks Jay.

via Jane Hart sharing in Google Reader and Jay’s post about conferencing on a shoestring, surely the way the vast majority of conferences will conducted in the near future


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