Is Journal Publishing Anathema to You As Well?

Thank you @gsiemens for the tweet with the link to the Jim Groom post on where credit is due. [Now is this the way to give credit in the new social publishing world?] I have to say, probably with some sadness in my voice, that I agree with Jim here:

… the idea of publishing in a journal is odious to me because I can’t use the tone that has liberated me from a terrible bout of graduate school and helped me find my stride, and has, as a result, made my work and interaction fun, rather than a list of necessitated acknowledgments, citations, and origins.

Is it being immersed in the social media world for 5 years, or is it the fact I am approaching the end of my tenured career that allows me to agree with Jim? These are definitely factors but it is the fun and the sheer enjoyment of doing research with social tools, the freedom of expression, the feeling it is just ‘right’, that makes me want to leave the world of traditional journal publishing to the past.


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