Is It Worth Syndicating Your Blog?

This blog serves my purpose in being a repository of my comments and ideas about information technology and social media concepts that interest me. It appears to have a small readership of about 40 daily accesses. I am happy with this.

Via a process which I only dimly recall when joining Social Business One I offered my blog for syndication. This turned out to be a service run by Customer Think who copy manually selected posts from my blog to their service. At the bottom of the post on the Customer Think site is a link back to my original blog post. To my surprise they have selected most of my posts for syndication.

From a quick look at my Customer Think syndicated it seems my readership has increased 10-fold. One of my recent posts on using Delicious to create a cheap podcast has been read over 1700 times and climbing at the time I write this. My own WordPress blog had registered only about 30 accesses to this post in the same time.

So it seems my syndicated blog readership is considerably larger. Is this a good thing? Well I think it is. Obviously most readers not using an RSS aggregator and actually visiting my posts on the Customer Think site are exposed to their ads and links to other Customer Think bloggers. Fortunately I don’t have any ads on my own blog site so this doesn’t bother me at all. Customer Think has generated many more readers for my posts for which I am grateful. Perhaps I should try more blog syndication services.


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