My Kindle Three Months In

Some colleagues have asked for some feedback on my Kindle, so this is a hurried post in reply.

I love my Kindle which I have been using for 3 months. It is particularly useful when I travel because of its large capacity and low weight/size.

I have used it mainly for fiction but also some non-fiction books. Some plus points:
-    Long battery life of 10 days or more
-    Can store hundreds of books
-    Quick and easy download from Amazon via 3G (even in the wilds of Tasmania!)
-    Access same book library from PC and iPhone, retaining bookmarks and annotations
-    Low price of books compared to print
-    Change font size, orientation to suit reading conditions

-    Only monochrome
-    No copy/paste, even for fragments so quotes very difficult (copy/paste is especially useful for computer code/data in other e-books such as those on Books24x7)
-    PDFs can be read, but should be formatted for Kindle otherwise they have poor reading quality
-    No support for epub format which is becoming the main standard, although .mobi files can be read

Overall it is a very good dedicated e-book reader, but constitutes an additional device to carry albeit light and compact.


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2 Responses to My Kindle Three Months In

  1. Hi Michael
    Thanks for the very helpful notes on the Kindle. What size screen did you choose and would you suggest that size or would you ‘do it different’ if you could start again? Also, do you find any issues accessing books on Amazon from Australia?

  2. Michael Rees says:

    I chose the smaller size and feel the larger size is much less portable and hence less universal in the places it can be used. Several fiction books I wanted were not available on the Australian Kindle store (no deals with the British publishers I assume) but every non-fiction book I needed was available.

    Access to the Kindle store via 3G has worked literally everywhere I have tried in Australia, and that includes fairly remote parts of Tasmania. Recall that free access to 3G is included in the Kindle purchase price.

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