iPad Monotasking Might be a Good Feature

In the latest copy of the regular email update from the Nielsen Norman Group they give very brief early reaction to their iPad testing without much data to back this up. In a surprising comment they discuss the lack of multitasking:

Pundits have criticized the lack of multitasking. While it’s certainly
useful to run several apps, it’s also distracting. Monotasking may be as
much of a feature as a bug. It will emphasize a more immersive user
experience, with more focused attention to a smaller number of things than
when browsing the desktop Web. Bye, bye surfing.

In a commercial twist they also suggest:

Emphasizing immersion over distractions supports charging for content,
because deeper info has higher value-add than the superficial in-and-out
hits that characterize most Web use.

App developers should also take note of the throw-away idea put forward for application resumption:

A compromise between single- and multi-tasking: when users exit and then
re-enter an app, resume at the point they left, rather than starting from
the beginning.

This will bring some interesting design and implementation decisions for developers.


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  1. hhcv says:

    That second point is GOLD.

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