Thinking Foursquare is a Powerful Business Tool

I read with interest the post by Des Walsh about Foursquare and how it might be a useful social media tool for business. As a user for the last few months I have no doubt now that Foursquare will be a highly influential business tool. As my tweet from the other day indicated, the recent 20-minute talk by Foursquare founder Denis Crowley at Where 2.0 gives better examples of how businesses can leverage the Foursquare check-ins and badges to reward customers and engender loyalty, ‘turning digital candy into real world rewards’, ‘Foursquare Mayor drinks for free’, Foursquare ‘special here’ signs, swarm badges for getting 50 people together in one spot – the Foursquare flashmob:

Today’s Mashable post also shows in detail how brands can ‘play the game of Foursquare’.

It is not surprising to hear that Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz are all working on geolocation extensions to their offerings to harness the power of check-ins.

My advice is to jump on to Foursquare right now and sample its power for yourself. You will, of course, need a smartphone with in-built GPS capable of running a Foursquare client app. Here on the Gold Coast we don’t yet have enough Foursquare users to see the true network effect, but I encourage all in the area to join and friend me on Foursquare (via Twitter, Facebook or by name, Michael R).


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