960 x 1080 – The New Ideal Size for Web Pages

Like me you you are running Windows 7 on your desktop with a shiny new full HD (1920 x 1080) monitor or two or three (I wish).

You see one of the 7-second Windows 7 ads on TV that dragging any application window to the left or right of the screen neatly resizes the window to occupy exactly half of your screen, that’s 960 x 1080.

You instantly love this feature because you now see two windows side-by-side and can so quickly read/switch/copy-and-paste between the two.

You start to use it for everything, Chrome (Gmail, Gcal, Greader), Firefox (Gdocs, Gsites, Remember The Milk), Evernote, Tweetdeck, Windows Live Writer, Skype, iTunes, Windows Explorer, Outlook, Word, Excel, and so on – all neatly side by side and quickly navigated with Windows-Tab. Ecstasy.

side-by-side 7-04-2010 10-28-22 PM

But there’s more. You discover that Windows-Left and -Right Arrow save you having to drag the windows left and right, and used repeatedly cycle between left half, original and right half positions. Wow – Microsoft actually thought of these miracles? Windows- Up Arrow makes the current window fill the screen – superb. Windows-Down Arrow returns to original size and used again minimises to the task bar. What magic!

The upshot of all this – I read all web pages at 960 x 1080 size. But you all ask, isn’t 1024 x 768 regarded as the ‘norm’ for web pages? Sadly this is so and forces me to scroll to right a lot – very frustrating.

So to keep me and my soon-to-be hundreds of millions of fellow Windows 7 users happy, make sure your web pages are usable at 960 x 1080 size. Please!


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