Open Student Blogs as a Significant Pedagogical Shift

Alerted by a tweet from Kathryn I read the post by Joshua Kim giving examples of ideas he believes to be true at the intersection of education and technology. The one standout idea for me is the practice of open student blogs that I have been following for two years or so in all my subjects:

Open Student Blogs/LMS: The transition to having students publish their course work on open blogging platforms, as opposed to the walled-off LMS, will be the most important pedagogical shift this decade. Open blogging platforms encourage and allow students to participate in the larger scholarly conversation, become producers as well as consumers of knowledge, and develop public expertise around a topic. Examples are many, but include the amazing work that Steve Greenlaw has done at the University of Mary Washington, Lanny Arvan at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Jim Groom also at UMW, and Gardner Campbell at Baylor University.

Like Joshua and Kathryn I believe this is significant trend and does bring the benefits of ‘larger scholarly conversation’ although there are a minority of students in my information technology classes that fail to see this benefit.


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