My Votes for the C4LPT Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010

It’s that time of the year again and Jane Hart (@c4lpt) of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies is asking learning professionals for their own 10 votes for the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010. Mine are listed below and I encourage all readers to submit their own top 10 votes.

I have tried not to look up the emerging top tools list prior to making my choices which are:

1 Google Sites Sharing learning resources, allowing reader updates
2 Delicious Link collections for students and colleagues
3 Evernote Notes collection for curriculum planning
4 Google Docs Sharing documents, surveys with spreadsheets, information submissions
5 Live Mesh Syncing educational materials across several computers with online backup
6 Slideshare Distribution and sharing of slide shows
7 URL shortening and access stats
8 Windows Live Writer Premier blog post writing tools
9 Google Reader Efficient reading of RSS feeds
10 PollEverywhere In-class polls


From about 5 downwards it is difficult to provide a ranking which probably changes on a monthly basis. I didn’t keep a record of my submission from last year but with the major addition of Google Sites my list seems little different. I suspect my one major point of departure from the norm is that I have yet to make use of Facebook as a learning tool, but when the privacy issues are fixed that may change.


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