Glass Roofs Kill iPad as Ereader

@petahopkins shared a post in Google Reader describing experiences by @flexnib (Constance Wiebrands) of using the iPad as an ereader. The list of positives and negatives provided by Constance entirely and exactly matches my own experiences with reading on the iPad. In my case I compare it with my Kindle.

My only additional comment goes to the battery life. We should not hide the massive 24-fold difference in battery life between the iPad and Kobo/Kindle, 10 hours versus 10 days!

As I have mentioned in other social media contexts I am without an office due to refurbishment at present and spend a lot of productive time in the Papyrus Café in the newly opened foyer of our main library. The diffused glass ceiling makes the large foyer beautifully light and a great place to work. Except for one thing – it makes iPad use extremely annoying as the high-gloss iPad screen reflects the ceiling light at all sensible reading angles! Thus iPad friendliness is yet another constraint architects need to take into account in future.


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