iPad is Definitely a Consumption Machine

Phil Long (@RadHertz) and I are definitely in agreement on what the iPad is and what it is not. Phil eaned my sympathy when I read his post to find his MacBook failed in Copenhagen and he had to fall back on his iPad.

His comment is spot on and absolutely corresponds to my own findings:

Trying to write text and compose a lecture complete with slides all on the iPad, well, wasn’t easy. The lack of multitasking is a real killer. But worse is the lack of a common access to a memory buffer that could transfer content from one app to another.

Even little things, like trying to use gchat, are difficult. As everyone using the iPad says it’s a consumption machine not a creation device. This version of the OS never will be a creation device. But in an emergency something is better than nothing.

Will iOS 4.2 improve the situation?


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2 Responses to iPad is Definitely a Consumption Machine

  1. David F says:

    You have made the proper distinction. It is not the device or form factor that limits it on the creation side, it is the OS. If Apple desired, it could totally free up the device. It has so much potential. I am pushing the envelope on the content creation side. I am hoping that someone comes out with a Win 7 tablet that has an interface layer that retains all the strengths of the iPad and addresses the weaknesses.

  2. L15A says:

    Agree. Users need to understand limitations of all tech devices and the iPad is no exception. Can’t wait to see what Apple competitors bring out.

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