First SnapSendSolve Experiment a Success

On 11 August I tweeted about a great new iPhone app called SnapSendSolve ( that allows you to quickly and easily send incident reports to your local council.

On 16 August I tried SnapSendSolve for the first time. On our regular cycling route the bushes were taking over the path. Launching the app I took a photo, selected the incident type, entered an optional short message and touched submit. This is the message that SnapSendSolve generated:

8-09-2010 SNAG-00

I’ve been interstate for a week or more but at the beginning of this week (7 September) I am very happy to report that this problem has been fixed with fresh saw cuts evident throughout the affected section of path. A big hat tip to Gold Coast City Council (GCCC) for getting this done, and so quickly as well. [I am hoping the social media watchers at GCCC will pick up on this praise.]

Needless to say my initial enthusiasm for SnapSendSolve has grown enormously. I hope it is an encouragement to others as obviously our council is taking notice. Good on the GCCC!


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  1. L15A says:

    Praise noted and passed on.

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