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I definitely have been neglecting my blog mothership of late and the period of neglect might have something to do with passing my 4th Twitter anniversary yesterday not to mention that Facebook thing. So I thought it was time to change my blog theme in the hope of introducing am impetus to increase posting frequency.

Many times I have heard of members of my social circle spending several hours if not days re-theming their blogs, especially those WordPress users with self-hosted blogs. Thus I was determined to allocate no more than 30 minutes. Browsing through the now more extensive theme library I found several new, simple 2-column themes (only ever 2 columns for me) that I could consider using. This is a big improvement on a couple of years ago when I last looked.

I chose the more subtle Enterprise theme with smaller, less in-your-face font size to my previous Journalist theme originally selected because it could accommodate images of up to 650 pixels in width. So far so good although no off-the-shelf theme is perfect – if only I could eliminate the lower grey band. I like the non-underlined links and generally neater appearance.

At the same time, continuing the minimal layout, I eliminated a few of the widgets from the sidebar while still retaining basic functionality for essential links, a QR code, previous posts, categories, archive and Twitter integration.

Probably the biggest change but less obvious is the my switch to the minimal Creative Commons licence CC-BY. I watched a convincing video by an author I can’t recall that convinced me Non-commercial and ShareAlike requirements meant little if your intent is to share information with the world in a completely open manner. So CC-BY it is.

And, yes, all this took no more than 30 minutes even allowing for checking out 2-3 new themes. I now just hope this will lead to more blogging from now on.


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