A Conversation About Australian Universities Research Outcomes

On our local Yammer service a colleague Antoinette Cass alerted us to TheConversation site where Australian universities can contribute articles that highlight the research results and outcomes of their academic staff. As yet still in beta TheConversation contains high-quality, edited materials from a limited set of disciplines, business, environment, health, politics and science/technology. No doubt more will follow.

2011-04-01 SNAG-00

Twitter and Facebook are used as well as email for readers to disseminate links and their comments to their social circles. For many of the articles the public readership can provide feedback via comments and questions in blog style. This is just the forum in which to expose university research outcomes to public scrutiny and is a welcome change.

Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty sets out the hopes for TheConversation:

How Peter Doherty views the potential of TheConversation

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