Good to see the Royal Society is aware of the need for Open Science

Although it is yet to draw conclusions it is pleasing to see the Royal Society is beginning a major policy study, Science as a Public Enterprise, on the use of scientific data as it effects society. Making all scientific data open for public scrutiny is long overdue:

Scientific research has an enormous impact on our world and the lives of citizens. It is therefore important that science is not, and is not seen to be, a private enterprise, conducted behind the closed doors of laboratories, but a public enterprise to understand better the world we live in and our place in it. Effective dialogue about the priorities and insights of science and its relation to public values is vital. Scientists can no longer assume an unquestioning public trust. Ubiquitous digital media offer a powerful means for the public to interrogate, question and re-analyse scientific priorities, evidence and conclusions. While some such interventions can distort debates involving science, others generate tough and illuminating questions, and expose important errors and omissions. Though it has difficulties, such public dialogue is something to which the scientific enterprise must adapt.

We have until 5 August 2011 to submit ideas.


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