Inspirational Talk on Ed Tech by Joan Getman

We had the privilege at Bond of a talk on her approach to education technology management by Joan Getman of USC. These were the take-aways for me:

2011-08-23 Thinking_and_acting_strategically_Joan_Getman_Direc

As part of the Emerging Technology Committee I was able to join in a further hour of discussion following her talk and toss around many of her ideas at greater length. The two and a half hours away from marking not only was a pleasant break but a most stimulating one with many new ideas to pursue.


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2 Responses to Inspirational Talk on Ed Tech by Joan Getman

  1. edtechdev says:

    Anymore details on her talk? For example, on the “use predefined framework when recommending a service” – what frameworks have people used?

    I’m also interested in more about how IT was reformed – “scouts and guides” instead of “builders and hosters”.


  2. Michael Rees says:

    Doug, on the framework for recommending services Joan did not go into any more detail, she simply emphasised the importance of using a defined framework consistently. The ‘scouts and guides’ comment came while Joan discussed outsourcing and how USC were heading strongly in that direction. Thus existing IT services staff must change their expertise so they can compare and advise on suitable outsourced services (scouting) and then act as guides to the chosen services for the teaching staff.

    I have a copy of Joan’s slides but am clarifying whether I have permission to publish them here. I will update this post as soon as I can.

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