Within an Ace of Achieving Retirement Weight Goal

This is a highly personal post and can safely be ignored by most of my readers.

Knowing since the start of the year I was coming up to retirement at the end of August I set myself an ambitious weight loss target. Returning from holiday in Tasmania in February I joined Weight Watchers Online attracted by their new Propoints system. The daily calculation and recording of Propoints consumed provided the incentive to change my food intake substantially. Apart from completely giving up alcohol except for infrequent special occasions and very strict portion control my diet changed little. This made it easier to conform.

Sunday 28 August was the target date. This was the day before my retirement day and by coincidence my 65th birthday. An unexpected reverse in my weight decline occurred the week before and I only made it down to 89.3 kg just 300 g short! Pretty close.

2011-08-29 SNAG-00

The upturn blips are interesting. The first coincides with my last conference attendance in Sydney and the others visits and dinners with friends, all part of life’s tapestry. The major downturn blip followed significant periodontal surgery.

Overall I am thoroughly pleased and look forward to a fitter retirement.


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2 Responses to Within an Ace of Achieving Retirement Weight Goal

  1. Charles Herring says:


    Excellent news – Happy Birthday and Happy retirement.

    Congratulations on the Chart!


  2. Michael Rees says:

    Charles, thanks for the kind words. We must get together soon on a Channon Markets day. Cheers, Michael

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