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  • You need the following:

    Tools for data gathering: you can decide to spend your afternoons wandering like a zombie on the web to find out something pretty, data in or the OECD repository but you are better off if you build your own data out of the web. For this reason the best is to scrape data from the millions of website you have at your hands. The limit is only your fantasy and you achieve total freedom.

    Tools for data manipulation: you’d better realize it from day one: data is dirt and data manipulation is a dirty job. You won’t like it (well … I like it but this is another story) but you will have to do it, especially if you gather stuff from the web. You have missing values, outliers, formats you don’t like, data you want to transform, aggregate, sample, etc.

    Tools for data visualization: and here comes the sweet thing. But what if you never wrote a single line of code? That’s tough. Ok, let me tell you something: writing lines of code is not that hard and I heartedly suggest everyone trying it out. The power you get into your hands is immeasurable. But if you are too scared or simply too lazy or just don’t have time to invest, you need a visualization design tool. Something to transform your data into pixels. Possibly something with a slow and gentle learning curve.

    tags: visualization tools

  • LectureTools turns student laptops into in-class communication tools and increases student participation regardless of class size.

    tags: mobdevs tools

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