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  • A great Craig Thomler overview of Twitter

    tags: socialmedia

  • Enjoy all your favorite apps on any Tablet, Mac, or PC you own. One beautiful experience everywhere. Finally, just the way it should be.

    Nothing to install or update, just launch your browser and enjoy

    Instantly get all your apps and games in a fluid touch OS

    App Marketplace full of top apps and growing everyday

    Keep enjoying Carbyn offline and auto-sync when connected

    tags: html5 webbook

  • AeroFS lets you sync all the data on your devices. No limits. No caps. You already have all the storage you need, now use it!

    tags: tools

  • The number of web applications being created and used has grown rapidly since the new millenium. And importantly, so has the sheer complexity of them — specially on the front end. No more static pages, no sir!

    You have a ton of sections each interacting with each other and the server and yes, it’s as complicated as it sounds and just as hard to pull off. Today, I’d like to talk about a few, choice JavaScript frameworks that aim to simplify front end application development.

    tags: javascript

  • The Community of Practice on Communities of Practice  

    These days we need to work together (intensely, sometimes over long periods) to get things done. And we need to be very good at learning together, accidentally,  purposely or on the fly. CPsquare can help us do that. We can learn together to be better at working and learning together to make things happen. We will have succeeded when communities of practice are common practice in all walks of life and people know how to nurture them effectively.

    tags: socialmedia

  • Great ways to visualise your data with a wide range of examples and good online help

    tags: tools

  • Great free app built from Google Fusion Tables for finding and visualising postcodes on Google Maps

    tags: tools

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