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Reading Martin Weller’s blog post about Alice Bell’s blogging survey I offer up my own record below. I encourage all my readers to do the same. You can email your post link or your answers to

Blog URL: (but within last year created blogs at and

What do you blog about?
E-learning, cloud applications, electronic publications and open access, educational technology, social media tools, teaching programming and web technologies

Are you paid to blog?

What do you do professionally (other than blog)?
Associate Professor in Computer Science at Bond University, retired in December 2011

How long have you been blogging at this site?
6.5 years

Do you write in other platforms? (e.g. in a print magazine?)
Published academic conference and journal papers, some books and articles over 40 years as an academic

Can you remember why you started blogging?
Believed I should keep a searchable professional journal that could elicit occasional comments from peers. Since January 2006 I have insisted students in my classes keep blogs for this purpose. Their blogs count for up to 15% of their marks as well.

What keeps you blogging?
Blogs allow me to record my topics of interest, and my reactions and thoughts on technological developments as they apply to my personal and previously professional life.

Do you have any idea of the size or character if your audience? How?
My primary purpose in blogging has been for personal journaling but stats indicate my blog is accessed over 500 times per month over the 6 years or so. Some posts elicit useful comments.

What’s your attitude to/relationship with people who comment on your blog?
I note and respond to most comments. This has allowed me to build a wider community of interest in some of my topics.

Do you feel as if you fit into any particular community, network or genre of blogging? (e.g. schools, science, education, museums, technology)
Mainly for fellow academics who use technology in their teaching.

If so, what does that community give you?
Ideas on significant developments and trends in the topics that interest me.

What do you think are the advantages of blogging? What are its disadvantages/ limitations?

My blog has become my indispensible laboratory notebook with the power to search and recall my research and teaching interests. I feel there are virtually no disadvantages. Time limitations have restrained the number of posts which average 7.5/month whereas I had been hoping for 10-12 a month. Blogging has undoubtedly reduced my traditional academic publication record but I feel more enriched by the blogging experience.

Like many my blogging activity has been diminished by becoming a major user of Twitter. To try and compensate I started my Morsels blog ( where I have tried to concentrate on mini blog posts of just a few tweets length. As well I am using Google+ as a mini blog, particularly for diagrams and my photos that represent the post topic.

Do you tell people you know offline that you’re a blogger? (e.g. your grandmother, your boss)
I proudly try and explain my blogging to all friends and neighbours who will listen. Those who run their own businesses I try and convert to blogging and social media in general.

Is there anything else you want to tell me about I haven’t asked?
Now retired I am trying to reinvent my blogging to support my new way of life.


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