Another Salvo at the Academic Journal Publishers

2012-07-24 SNAG-00Another news magazine of high standing in the Economist has joined the battle against the traditional academic journal publishers. The article Scientific Publishing Brought to Book notes what has become a well-worn path of examples where public funding of research now comes with the requirement of open access to the resulting publications.

The article gives a good summary of the open access publishing models:

  • Gold model: authors charged a fee for secret review and publishing, papers available online for no charge. This approach is used by the Public Library of Science, PLoS.
  • Green model: authors publish in traditional journals with secret review, but must make free open access available online within 12 months. This is used by the NIH-funded medical research.
  • ArXiv model: authors upload their papers to a public archive funded by universities, papers are subject to a ‘ruthless process of open peer review’

Personally, I look forward to the introduction of the open access eLIFE later this year. eLIFE , supported by the Wellcome Trust, Max Planck Institute and Howard Hughes Medical Institute, aims to challenge Nature. Good luck to them.


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