The First OU Report on Innovating in Pedagogy, a Must-read

2012-07-25 SNAG-00The OU UK have adopted the methodology of the NMC Horizon Project to produce a forward-looking report called Innovating Pedagogy. The report covers 10 technology innovations that are having, or are likely to have, significant impact on teaching, learning and assessment. What’s more the report is presented in digestible fragments online with the ability to submit comments – a great leap forward from the bulky PDFs of the Horizon Reports that of late have concentrated too much on the technology and less on the pedagogy. If you prefer Innovating Pedagogy is also available as a PDF.

The 10 innovations are:

  1. Assessment for learning
  2. Badges to accredit learning
  3. Learning analytics
  4. MOOCs
  5. New pedagogy for e-books
  6. Personal inquiry learning
  7. Publisher led mini-courses
  8. Rebirth of academic publishing
  9. Rhizomatic learning
  10. Seamless learning
    All the hot topics are here so happy reading and commenting.

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