My blogging twilight

I finally realised today that this is my first post here since April 2013. This is very far from my dream when starting to blog in earnest in January 2006 to maintain about 5 posts per week. Looking through the archives for this blog I charted my posting record over the last 7 to 8 years. It tells the story.


Only once in all this time did I manage to attain my goal of 20 posts per month and that was a real outlier data point in December 2008. The next best month was 18 posts in February 2007. My steady decline in posting is obvious since the middle of 2007. This is despite my insistence on my students posting in blogs for (a few) marks in all my course up to my retirement in August 2011.

It is clear my blogging twilight is upon me despite the obvious value that my blogging has bestowed over the last 7 years or so. As I have written many times before my posts have formed a permanent record of my professional activities over time with occasional personal thoughts interspersed, definitely worth their being put into words.

Nevertheless I have to face the fact that my urge to blog has waned, especially given I appear to have three separate blogs ‘on the go’ with the other two being Cloud Scholar and Morsels. The latter began life as a Microsoft Live Spaces blog and migrated to WordPress when we were forced to switch in September 2010. Morsels was supposed to be for short, frequent, small gems of information using the WordPress P2 theme intended to ward off the Tumblr threat. I notice my last morsel was contributed in December 2012!

Thus it is time to retire this Scholarcast blog and Morsels and live out my blogging twilight in Cloud Scholar along. At least I posted there only two months ago.

For my blog posts in future see: Cloud Scholar


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