We are seeing the maturing of Web 2.0 sites that offer valuable services as they reach the five year mark. They are beginning to show their age in some cases even though are continually upgraded over time. Newer, simpler online tools with better user experiences are rising to supplant some of the old favourites. A collection of posts I call my online tool migration series are listed here as they appear. This gradually evolving static page seems a better and more acceptable compromise to my more fleeting idea of the blogknot of a few years ago (see below).

From Delicious to Diigo 30 March 2011

From Zotero to Mendeley 8 March 2011

From Webslides to Pearltrees 5 December 2010



The approach of posting short and often generates a number of intertwined posts on a single topic. I have called these posts a blogknot being currently unaware of an equivalent term for this concept. Defining a blogknot by linking them in both directions requires a previous and next link in each post. Being a computer scientist brings to mind the doubly-linked list of our data structure fundamentals. Perhaps we can look forward to software tools to help us create, edit and discover blogknots rather than manually editing the links ourselves.

[Updated 16 May 2009 and modified 28 March 2011]

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