A Decent Twitter Search At Last from Google?

Via a tweet from the ever vigilant Kay (@idealaw) we find a link in the PC World article by Jared Newman to the new Twitter search from Google. Of course I immediately tried to search for my own tweets in 2010 at:


A somewhat strange selection of tweets is returned with a default avatar on some of them. At least time distribution on my tweets looks right although the search currently only goes back to February this year but will quickly go back all the way to March 2006. My frenetic tweeting from BarCamp Gold Coast IV on 6 March stands out well.

 15-04-2010 SNAG-00

Still the search for current days and month is accurate and shows regular tweets, mentions and direct messages all in the same list of returned matches. Knowing Google this search can only improve quickly, a decent Twitter search engine at last.


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